Hello world!

•September 23, 2011 • 1 Comment

Since i was a kid, I’ve always have¬†wild imaginations. Things i would do, lines i would say, and what an adventure my life would be. Growing up in my kind of culture doesnt allow me to implement those idealism into action. I even dont let anyone see my short stories I secretly made, accept with my very close-friends..

Growing up, I realized that I’m better in writings than talking. So many things i could say and share with no courage..¬† So many questions in head, but given the situation, not looking for the answer seemed to be the right thing to do. And i hated my self because of that. I’m tired in compromising. That’s why i decided to write this blog. To share my feelings and experiences in hope that others like me -who have constant doubts about themselves, fear of the future, refuse to live life because afraid of the consequences might hurt others – would realize that it’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to choose who you wanna be when you grow up. You’ll screw it up, but it’s gonna find its way eventually. These are the things I wish said to me when I was younger.

I’d also like to share my life in daily basis to remind me that we are constantly changing. And when i’m old, I could look back to see how much changes I’ve done. That my existence in this world have meaning. So , hello World !